The Demise of the Wizard of Oz--The Open-Source Model

Remember the classic film "The Wizard of Oz?"  I sure do, and those flying monkeys still creep me out.  Well, skip past the flying monkeys in your mind and remember when the "gang" shows up at the Emerald City to meet with the Wizard of Oz.  A ghastly image appears, yelling and frightening everyone.  However, not long thereafter the real identity of the Wizard of Oz is revealed behind a curtain and he turns out to be an inventive, but regular, man.

This blog is the opening of the curtains at G86, where we can share our raw thoughts and experiences, which in a lot of ways runs counter to protectionist conventional wisdom of the market--but there are two important reasons why we're doing it:

Firstly, we can put up curtains and smoke, but ultimately our clients are going to meet us and discover that we're just people.  Sure we've developed capabilities and had experiences that are unique, but we're no wizards, and we're okay with that.

Secondly, we believe that the "open-source" model has greater power than the "proprietary" model.  Think of it as the difference between the internet browsers, Firefox and Internet Explorer.  Both are great tools for viewing the internet, but Firefox is able to compete toe-to-toe with Internet Explorer for a fraction of the budget because it has the power of community on its side, assisting in its development and improvement.  By opening a dialogue with a world-wide community, we hope to better refine what we offer to our clients and to help others (e.g. other design and marketing firms, consultants or freelancers) who are trying to do the same for their clients.

Join us, follow us, comment, and share your insights.  The only thing we ask is that if you're going to post a link elsewhere, please do so in the spirit of the open-source model of giving.  Using the site to "take" (e.g. advertising or fishing) isn't really respectful of what we're trying to accomplish.

We are grateful for the demise of the Wizard of Oz here at G86, and look forward to an open dialogue with our clients, peers and the world-at-large--as people having a dialogue with people, not wizards.


  1. The dawn of the internet community has drastically changed our way of thinking and doing things. I loved the cover of Time magazine a few years back that named all of us as the people of the year.

  2. Thank you, it really has! The significance seems all the more poignant in light of the celebrations the last couple of days about the founding of the world's oldest democracy. While I'm sure they would have the same warnings to share, I'm sure that the founding fathers would be pleased.

  3. Ryan,

    I'm curious: do you have Google Analytics on your blog and webpage to track internet traffic? It might be very useful to see who is visiting your page, where they're from, etc. I do it for the blog that I run with my brother, and it's kind of fun to see where all of the visitors are coming from. It might at least give you an idea of how many visitors you're getting each month.

    Also, the graphics on your page are awesome.

    Well, send me a message on Facebook sometime. You can also check out our blog, if you're interested. The link is http://www.futuretwit.com. I mostly just repost videos from Youtube or write random articles. But, it's still fun.

    Surprisingly enough, I'm almost up to 3000 visitors (lifetime) and almost 7500 page views :)

    Josh Coon

  4. Thanks, Josh! Analytics is installed... Actually that may be inspiration for a future article. :)